The City Animal Tier List: Video Recommendation!

The YouTube channel TierZoo makes a ton of cool videos about animals, specifically viewed through the lens of gaming, where they rank different animal species according to how successful they are at living in different habitats. Past videos have included lists of dinosaurs, sharks, and cats. However, I was recently very excited to find out... Continue Reading →

What Makes an Urban Habitat?

As a scientist that works in the field of urban evolution I often have to consider, "what makes an urban habitat?" While this seems like a fairly easy question to answer, there's actually a lot of different ways that we consider urban habitats. Are neighborhood parks considered urban habitat? Technically, yes they are urban, they... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello and welcome to our blog! Who we are:┬áLife in the City is written and edited by scientists who study the impacts that urbanization has on evolutionary processes for species who live in or near cities. Founding editors are: Lindsay Miles (postdoc, University of Toronto), Elizabeth Carlen (PhD Candidate, Fordham University), and Kristin Winchell (postdoc,... Continue Reading →

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